Viperio Team Durham, the university CSGO team of Viperio, began competing in the National University Esports League’s (NUEL) Spring Championship tournament. After the first week of matches, the teams record was 1W/1L.

Round 3: Viperio Team Durham (6) vs Uni of York NRM (16)
Tuesday night’s games kicked off with Viperio Team Durham taking on UoY NRM (University of York). Unfortunately, viperio player  Top ‘yoona‘ Lau accidentally allocated himself the captain role in game, and veto’d our best map, de_mirage, resulting in us playing on de_nuke (silly Top). Viperio managed to take the pistol round, creating an early 3-0 lead, however, UoY NRM managed to dominate the rest of the game, leading to a 4-11 first half. Viperio tried to pull a few rounds in the second half, but were unable to make any real catch-up. The game ended 16-6 in favour of York.

Round 4: Viperio Team Durham (22) vs University of Leeds A (20)
Arguable one of our closest match-ups yet, Viperio were seeded against Leeds University’s first team in Round 4. The veto resulted in a favourable de_mirage. Viperio seemed to doninate the first half, winning the pistol and early rounds, however Leeds managed to bring it back. The first two half ended a tie with a 15-15 scoreline. The match then went into overtime, which lead to a further tie after viperio choked an 18-15 lead. In the second overtime, Viperio managed to slightly outperform their opponents, and finish with a 22-20 win.

Viperio Team Durham’s current record in the NUEL Spring Championship Qualifiers sits at 2W/2L, with the team in Group 3 for Round 5 of the qualifier. Ideally, in order to qualify for the playoff’s, the team need to win both fixtures to finish the qualifiers with a 4W/2L record.

The teams next NUEL matches will take place on Tuesday 19th February. Our next fixtures are as follows:

Round 5: Viperio Team Durham (2W/2L) vs Cambridge University A (3W/1L)

Round 6: Viperio Team Durham vs TBA

Conor Rabbett

Conor Rabbett

Head Of Media & E-Commerce at Viperio.