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Going into Week Two, Viperio, currently 0W-2L in the UKEL Season 4 Regular Split, face of against Munster Rugby Gaming this Thursday, another team also 0W-2L in the standings. With both teams hungry for their first win, we take a deeper look at our opponent.

Starting line-up

Top: 🇬🇧 Ethan “SynapseSprinter” Templeton
Jungle: 🇮🇪 Connor “Goose” O’Brien
Mid: 🇬🇧 David “Davadoff” Wells
ADC: 🇮🇪 Kevin “Kevaman
Support: 🇮🇪 “TheMaskOfJelly

A relatively new roster, Munster Rugby Gaming were one of the last teams to announce the roster. This is beneficial for Viperio, as it suggests that the team hasn’t had sufficient time to build chemistry, plus there is a chance some weaknesses are yet to be exploited. While the core of Viperio has only been teaming since December, those couple of weeks extra practice should be beneficial for Viperio.

Previous Seasons

Munster Rugby Gaming are new to the UKEL, recently filling the spot left by Bulldog Esports’ promotion into the UKLC. The brand however is no strander to League of Legends, previously competing in the UKI Nordics ERL, the NLC, where they went 6W-4L in the regular season, and finished 7th-8th in the league’s playoffs. However, with new players and management across the board, Munster Rugby’s new capabilities are still yet to be tested across a full season.

Key Takeaways

1. Munster Rugby Gaming is being run by the management of one of the best Rugby teams in Europe. They likely have access to resources that most teams in the UKEL only dream of. Whether these resources are put to good use is still to be seen.

2. Also 0W-2L in the UKEL Regular Season, but teams need to turn things around if they wish to avoid teams pulling away, risking potential relegation. Both will be working hard to take advantage of the chance at playing a weaker team early on.

3. In a more last minute attempt to build a roster, Munster Rugby’s line-up was a little rushed in comparison to Viperio, who had a better talent pool to work with.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.