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Swedish CSGO player 🇸🇪 Jimmy “Ariant0” Husseini has informed Viperio of his intention to explore options after Season 35.

Jimmy has expressed that he still intends on completing the season with Viperio, with 3 remaining series this season. Jimmy joined the organisation on the 1st September, and has since played 12 series for Viperio in the ESEA Main division.

After hearing about Jimmy’s intention to explore free agency, Viperio Managing Director Christopher Sword commented:

“Ever since Jimmy reached out to me prior to season 35, he has been a great representative of both our CSGO division and the Viperio organisation. While its always sad to see people leave, I wish Jimmy the best of luck and thank him for the hours invested into our project.”

The remaining members of our Counterstrike team have yet to decide on their intentions going into the off season, however Viperio will continue to provide support to the players regardless of whether they intend to stay or explore options for season 36.

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Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.

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