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Viperio Esports Club today announce the departure of Rainbow Six Siege player 🇫🇮 Iikka ‘Erkkari’ Anttila, who will leave Viperio 86 to become an uncontracted free agent.

Erkkari first joined the Viperio 86 line-up back in September 2021, ahead of the team’s run in the European Challenger League 2021, where he placed 5th-6th with the team. Erkkari also re-signed to Viperio following EUCL, to represent Viperio in the first event UKI Nationals Rainbow Rumble, where the team finished 4th overall.

Erkkari’s departure comes after a change in direction for the Viperio 86 roster in 2022. Despite a real interest in working with Iikka for the 2022 UKI Nationals Premier Division and beyond, Viperio and Erkkari have come to an agreement to terminate his most contract early so that Erkkari is free to join any team as a unrestricted free agent.

Christopher Sword, Founder & Managing Director commented:

“Erkkari has played a significant role in the success of our Rainbow Six project to date. He has demonstrated that he is one of the best players within both the UKI & Nordic competitive ecosystems. I’m confident that he will be able to find a new home and wish Erkkari the best of luck.”

Erkkari is actively looking to join a new roster. If you are interested in Erkkari, you should contact him directly. Details can be found here.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.