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With just over 24 hours until the start of the UKEL Season 4, tomorrow sees Viperio begin their competitive run this Spring split. With all 8 rosters now publicly announced, many members of the community have released Tier lists ranking players and teams based on their individual perceptions. Using a sample of 3, we take a look at how the community are rating our roster in comparison to the competition.

Tiers lists used:

Pravius, Rydona & Jojo via Twitter
DocDa & Viperoon via Twitter
Temporal via Twitter

Note: these community generated tier lists have been found via Twitter search for “UKEL Tier List”.

Community Predicted Regular Season Finish: 3rd-4th (3.67/8)

Tweets suggest that that Hyve Central and Demise Academy are favourites for the top 2 spots, with Viperio and LDN UTD contending for 3rd. Viperio were ranked 3rd, 3rd & 5th across the respective tier lists quoted above.

Top Lane: In4

As an unknown talent, there is limited public information available on 🇬🇧 Jake “In4” Fairless. Most tiers lists placed him middle of the pack, or in an unknown category. With the UKEL Season 4 being In4’s competitive debut within the UK League of Legends ecosystem, the Spring split will be a great opportunity for Jake to start making a name for himself as a UK top-laner.

Jungle: JonnyREcco

Similarly to In4, many ranked 🇬🇧 Paul “JonnyREcco” Whyte middle of the pack. Having competed for nearly 2 years in League of Legends since transferring from SC2, Jonny is now a more consistent player than ever before. With years of esports experience competing at European level offline events, Paul can handle pressure, and deliver results at the times which matter the most.

Mid Lane: Killakin

Despite limited public information on 🇩🇰 Marcus “Killakin” Daugaard Kristensen, people who know of Marcus rate him as one of the best mid-laners this season of the UKEL. With years of experience competing within Danish leagues, Marcus is looking to test his skills in the UKEL against new faces, as he looks to prove his worth as a player.

ADC: Kazz

Community tier lists seem to have mixed perceptions of 🇵🇱 Hubert “Kazz” Dabrowski, with casters DocDa & Viperoon rating him the best ADC this split, while others rank him mid table. In Season 3, Kazz proved himself a stable members of the bot lane. Hopefully he continues that performance going into Season 4.

Support: Hasse

Similarly to other members of our starting 5, 🇩🇰 Hasse “Hαsse” Høgsberg Holm is a relatively unknown competitor within the UK&I competitive scene. Most did not know enough about Hasse to rate him, while others placed him middle of the pack. This presents a great opportunity for Hasse as most will underrate his ability, giving him a chance to pleasantly surprise competitors and views of the league.


At the end of the day, tier lists are a fun way for people to make predictions ahead of the season. Players can over or under perform depending on the opponent in from of them. Over the upcoming 14 games spread across the next 7 weeks, we’ll see who really are the top players and teams within the UKEL, as teams compete for a spot in playoffs and a chance at promotion into the UKLC.

Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.