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On Thursday 11th February, Viperio take on NerdRage in Week Four of the UKEL. The series marks the mid point of the UKEL regular season. We take a closer look at our opponents historical performance.

Starting line-up

Top: 🇵🇱 “M4CI3K
Jungle: 🇦🇹 Michael “Magikarp” Hölzl
Mid: 🇬🇧 Zichen “Zych” Guo
ADC: 🇬🇧 Andy “Hiyeh” Cheung
Support: 🇸🇬 Mok “Flayjin” Chui Hao

Despite fielding a roster for the UKLC replacement tournament, NerdRage established a new roster just days ahead of the UKEL Season 4 opening day. The roster included former Viperio player Andy “Hiyeh” Cheung, and Michael “Magikarp” Hölzl, who is known for competing within the DACH competitive scene. The remaining 3 players are relatively unknown.

Previous Seasons

NerdRage originally joined the UKEL in Summer 2020, however had previously competed in UK events such as ESL Premiership 2017 Autumn. Their past UKEL results are as follows

UKEL Summer 2020: 2nd Place Regular Season, 2nd Place Playoffs

Season 4 Performance

Mythos are currently 2nd-6th in the UKEL Standings as of the start of Week Three, with a 3W-3L record in the regular season. Their individual results are as follows:

Game #1: NerdRage (Win) vs. Lucendi (Loss)
Game #2: Hyve Central (Loss) vs. NerdRage (Win)
Game #3: NerdRage (Loss) vs. Mythos (Win)
Game #4: Demise Academy (Win) vs. NerdRage (Loss)
Game #5: NerdRage (Loss) vs. LDN UTD (Win)
Game #6: Munster Rugby Gaming (Loss) vs. NerdRage (Win)

Key Takeaways

  1. Both Viperio and NerdRage have a 3W-3W record in the standings, making this an even matchup based on historical data this season.
  2. NerdRage have had two opportunities for promotion into the UKLC in the last 6 months, and have been unsuccessful both times.
  3. NerdRage were put together in a last minute attempt to field a competitive roster. There are likely still weaknesses unknown to Mythos that Viperio can potentially exploit.
Christopher Sword

Founder & Managing Director at Viperio.